NEET Result 2024 Controversy: SFI, AISA, & other outfits protest ‘corruption’ in results

NEET Result 2024 Controversy: SFI, AISA, other outfits protest ‘corruption’ in results; want NTA scrapped:  NEET Result 2024 controversy has become a topic of conversation across the country nowadays. The National Testing Agency conducted the NEET UG Exam 2024 on 5 May 2024 across the country and published its results on 4 June 2024 officially.

This year NEET UG Result 2024 broke all the previous records and the names of the toppers were released which created an atmosphere of excitement among the candidates, their parents, and the examination board but also it created doubt in the minds of everyone.

It is not common for more than 67 toppers to come together by achieving the 720/720 marks in NEET UG 2024 Result and this is what drew the attention of the examination board towards the scam. To get the latest and fresh updates on the NEET Result 2024 controversy read this article as I am going to mention all the information about the NEET UG 2024 scam here and you can go through all the details in it.

NEET Result 2024 Controversy

Many controversies are going on regarding NEET UG Result 2024, which we will discuss in this article. NEET Result 2024 is a very important result which is a medical entrance test for the candidates who want to become doctors.

This result is linked to the future doctors of the country and in a way, it can be seen that the future of the country will also be in the hands of these future doctors because these qualifiers will go ahead and treat the people in the country. Let’s read the further article and go deep into the details.

Overview of NEET UG Result 2024

ExaminationNEET UG 2024
Examination AgencyNational Testing Agency
Test TypeEntrance Test
Test LevelNational Level
Exam Date5 May 2024
Result Date4 June 2024

A Brief About NTA NEET UG Result 2024

Before direct jump into the controversies let’s understand the NEET UG Exam 2024 Pattern First. NEET UG 2024 Exam is a medical entrance test which is conducted by the NTA across the country to offer admission to India’s top government and private medical colleges and universities for aspirants who want to study medicine to become doctors in future.

This year approximately 24 lakh candidates have participated in the NEET UG Exam 2024 with the 20% increment of the volume of the candidates as last year 20 lakh candidates have appeared in the NEET UG 2023 Exam. Read the below-mentioned points to understand the NEET UG 2024 Exam Pattern:

  • The Exam was conducted in India and outside of India as well at various test centres.
  • The test was held in 13 languages at various test centres located in 571 cities in India and 14 cities outside of India.
  • The medical entrance test was conducted online on 5 May 2024.
  • The test was organized for 720 marks and participants were required to attempt only 180 questions out of 200 questions to score 720 marks.
  • 1 right answer carried 4 marks.
  • 1 wrong answer will deduct -1 marks in the result, and that’s how a candidate will lose 5 marks for 1 incorrect answer.

Controversy 1: First Time 67 Toppers in the History of NEET Results

The first controversy of NEET UG Result 2024 is that in the history of NEET UG Results, it has been reported that NTA has simultaneously declared 67 toppers who have scored 720/720 marks among all the 24 lakh participants.

NEET Result 2024 Controversy

However last year in 2023 20 lakh candidates appeared in the NEET UG Exam 2023 and NTA declared only the candidate’s name who scored 720 out of 720 marks in the result. Among these 67 toppers, 8 toppers are from the same test centre and have scored 720 marks out of 720, their roll number sequence is also the same.

Controversy 2: 718-719 Grace Marking

This time 718-719 marks have also been seen in the candidate’s results and this also caught the attention of everyone, and this question was raised to the NTA. Because if out of 180, a candidate had given 179 right answers and 1 wrong answer, then 5 marks should be deducted for 1 wrong answer as per the minus marking scheme and the candidate should get 715 marks out of 720.

NTA comments on this that they gave grace marks to some candidates due to time loss on centres and this is the second controversy. This time NEET has given grace marks to the candidates, and this has never been seen before in the history of NEET results. However, NTA has not disclosed the candidate details who got the grace marks in NEET UG Result 2024 and has not disclosed the grace marking ka criteria.

Controversy 3: Paper Leak

Here is another controversy, the question paper for NEET 2024 was leaked before the exam. However, NTA has confirmed there is no leak of question papers and the investigation committee is working on this. NEET Result 2024 was released on 4 June 2024 but till now the matching of leaked papers and NEET UG 2024 paper is ongoing and no final comment has been given on it.

Controversy 4: Early Result Declaration

4th controversy is that this year NTA has released NEET Result 2024 before the scheduled date, and this also has never happened before. According to the NEET UG 2024 Schedule, the result was to be released on 14 June 2024 and suddenly NTA delivered the result 10 days before on 4 June 2024.

Controversy 5: Rank Difference

The 5th controversy is that even though the scored marks of some candidates are the same in NEET results, there is a lot of difference in their rank. However, the final answer is yet to come from NTA.

Current Situation of NEET Result 2024 Scam

In this way, many allegations have been made against NTA regarding NEET Result 2024. As per the latest update, there will be an investigation committee or grievance committee of 4 people (ex-chairman of UPSC (name not disclosed) who will be taking over the result investigation.

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All these allegations have raised questions about NTA’s exam result transparency and the future of Medical Education in India. Currently, students, SFI, AISA, and other outfits are protesting ‘corruption’ in results and they want NTA scrapped and also, they demand the scrapping of the results and re-conduction of the NEET UG Exam 2024.

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