8th Pay Commission Date 2024 News-Know Pay Matrix & Salary Increase Details

8th Pay Commission Date, Pay Matrix, Salary Increase & Latest Update: Before the 2024 Budget, a proposal of the 8th Pay Commission was made to the central government, in which there was a demand to improve the basic pay, allowances, pension, and other benefits of the government employees. All the government employees are very curious about this news and are searching for information about it.

Today I have brought this article for the central government employees who want the latest update about the 8th Pay Commission and want to know its implementation date, pay matrix, benefits etc. If you want more fresh updates on the 8th Pay Commission, read the complete article to get complete information.

8th Pay Commission Date 2024 News

Till now, no indication has been given by the government regarding the 8th Pay Commission Implementation date, however, if we look at the earlier pattern, the Central Government Pay Commission is implemented in a 10-year gap. The last time the 7th Pay Commission was implemented was on 1 January 2016 and the 6th Pay Commission was implemented on 1 September 2008.

The 8th Pay Commission is awaited to be executed from 1 January 2026. Currently, the basic salary of government employees starts from Rs.18000/- which is expected to increase to Rs.21600/- after the 8th pay commission. Also, there will be increments in the other government-provided benefits. You will get fresh updates on the 8th Pay Commission under different sections of the article.

Highlights of the 8th Pay Commission Date

Commission8th Pay Commission
Controlled ByCentral Government of India
Commission Announced In2024
Article CategoryFinance
Article TypeGovernment
Frequency of Commission IncrementEach 10 years Gap
BeneficiaryCentral Government Employee
8th Pay Commission Date1 January 2026
Fitment Factor Increment3.68 multiplier

What is the 8th Central Pay Commission?

The Central Government increases the salaries of its lower-level employees in the gap of a specific time. 8th Pay Commission is a revised proposal for an increase in salary, allowances and other pensionary benefits for all central government employees.

8th Pay Commission

Previously, the 8th CPC was about to effect on 1 January 2021 but due to some reason it was held. Its proposal was again put in 2024 to the central government. Now it is going to effected from 1 January 2026. The dearness allowance rate is the main crucial factor that affects the pay commission and determines how salaries will be adjusted.

Benefit of 8th Pay Commission

After implementing the 8th Pay Commission the Central Government employees will also get several benefits through it. So that such employees and their families will get financial strength and encouragement towards their jobs. These benefits are as follows:

  • Increased Salaries: With the imposition of the 8th pay commission, it is expected that the salary of all central employees will increase by 25% to 35%. Salary increments will affect the lifestyle of government employees as it comes with a significant difference. 
  • Updated Allowances: The allowances given by the government will also be updated after implementing the 8th Central Pay Commission as it will also increase, and central government employees will get benefits.
  • Boost Spending: After the salary increase, the spending power of the government employees will also boost because the employees will get financial strength due to the 8th Pay Commission and it increases financial security.
  • Improve Retirement Benefits: If we talk about retirement benefits, with the implementation of the 8th Pay Commission, the retirement benefits of government employees will also improve. Retirement benefits are closely linked to the employee’s salary and if the salary increases, the employee’s retirement amount will also be expended.
  • Tax Revenue Increase: With the implementation of the 8th Pay Commission, tax revenue will also increase, and this will benefit the government along with the government employees.
  • Decreased Financial Strain: With the implementation of the pay commission, the financial stress of central government employees will be reduced because due to the 8th pay commission, the salary will increase, and the employees will get economic strength. And with this, the employees will be able to support his/her family better.
  • Lower Retention Rate: There will be a lot of reduction in the retention rate due to salary increases because, after a certain period, all employees need salary increments because they are constantly facing inflation and it becomes difficult to run a family on a low salary and fewer benefits and employees start looking for better opportunities. But from the 8th Pay Commission, government employees will get financial encouragement and will not look for new jobs due to which there will be a huge decline in the retention rate.

Fitment Factor of 8th CPC Pay Matrix

Under this section, you will be able to check the fitment factors and numbers after the implementation of the 8th Pay Commission in India. I am referring to the fitment factor from the 4th Pay Commission to the 8th Pay Commission.

Pay Commission% of Hike in PayFitment FactorMinimum Basic Salary in Rs.
4th Pay Commission27.6750
5th Pay Commission312550
6th Pay Commission541.867000
7th Pay Commission14.292.5718000
8th Pay Commission203.0021600

Estimated Pay Matrix After applying the 8th Central Pay Commission

Once after apply the 8th Pay Commission the government employee’s salary will be increased and you can get the estimate of the increase in salary through the table.

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Payment Matrix Level7th CPC Basic Salary8th CPC Basic Salary
Level 118000/-21600/-
Level 219900/-23880/-
Level 321700/-26040/-
Level 425500/-30600/-
Level 529200/-35040/-
Level 635400/-42480/-
Level 744900/-53880/-
Level 847600/-57120/-
Level 953100/-63720/-
Level 1056100/-67320/-
Level 1167700/-81240/-
Level 1278800/-94560/-
Level 13123100/-147720/-
Level 13 (A)131100/-157320/-
Level 14144200/-173040/-
Level 15182200/-218400/-
Level 16205400/-246480/-
Level 17225000/-270000/-

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