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  • Teachers Empowerment programs
  • Teachers Empowerment programs

Teacher Empowerment Programmmes.

Teacher empowerment programme plays a very important role in every educational institution and it enables the teachers to improve their pedagogical practices, classroom management techniques and leadership skills. Teacher empowerment is seen as a process of professional growth and development which enables teachers to exercise their professional judgment about the methods to be followed to transform the teaching and learning environment in an endeavor to build institutions of academic excellence. Teacher empowerment programmes are planned and executed based on the needs and following 3 major steps: Need based at school level, Individualized and Mentoring and Supervising the progress of the trainings.

Subject Enrichment Programs

To augment the teaching and classroom management skills of teachers and principals, trainings on in classroom management techniques and innovative teaching methods are organized on a regular basis by the subject experts and SCERT Resource Team.

Career Counseling

In order to guide the students through the career path which they are inclined to, selected junior lecturers from all the institutions were imparted training in career counseling. The participants will in turn guide the students on various career opportunities.


Training in communication skills named as ‘immersion’ is being imparted to all the teachers who require it with the experts in the field. The teachers are identified through class room observations, external panel inspection reports, NQP seminars etc., Home works and assignments are given to the teachers and they practice those assignments at their respective school .

Teacher Exchange Programme

This programme facilitate to trade places with another teacher in another institutions for a week. The selected teachers gets to learn how teachers teach and students learn and observe good practices in other schools. This programme gives a great relief for teachers tired of the routine at their home institutions and helps them to get motivated and be back on track. At the end of the programme teachers return to their schools and share what they have learned with their colleagues and class rooms and start implementing the best practices at their own institution. This programme also helps the teachers to correct their own mistakes in teaching learning process.

Mentor Mentee Programme

New quality Policy 2016 was introduced to empower the teachers and strengthen the academics in TSWRE Institutions. As a part of it Mentor Mentee Programme was started in the year 2016 in all the regions of Telangana State. This academic year witnessed a lot of shuffling of the principals and staff in all the TSWRE institutions. Many new academic programmes both curricular and co curricular activities were incorporated into our academic calendar.
After a thorough exercise by the RCOs at their regional level the mentors for each subject at different levels (JL, PGT, and TGT) are identified and selected basing on their subject knowledge, examination results, enthusiasm and observations during their walk throughs of the institution by the RCOs/DCOs/Principals for training the mentees at the regional level. The mentor teachers undergo a 2 day training and workshop conducted by the training department at the Head Office. The mentors conduct monthly workshops for all the mentees.

NQP Seminars

New Quality Policy (NQP) 2016 - Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS) has been working with an aim of providing quality education to the needy and deprived children from the Scheduled Caste (SC) and the Scheduled Tribe (ST) communities. In fact, many teachers have been working beyond the call of their duty to provide quality education to the children on par with the other advantaged children in the society.
Against this background, the TSWREIS has introduced a unique New Quality Policy (2016) under P- 5 Model (2012) to empower teachers to meet the challenges of the 21st century and to uplift the academic standards of the students. The NQP offers an opportunity to all the teachers to look into themselves and also provides an idea to assess themselves with regard to the latest developments in teaching and learning practices.