The Society has evolved and designed confidence-building co-curricular activities to be organized in each of the institutions throughout the state. The programs have yielded superb results. The SWAEROES have since become more expressive, agile and are now coming forward with new ideas. Some of the co-curricular activities regularly conducted in institutions are E-plus activity, WISE program, Youth Parliament, Voice 4 Girls, Champions Camp, Art and Craft Camp etc. These programs have brought about a spectacular transformation in the speech habits of the children who were hitherto quite shy and taciturn to open up. Now, they are more articulate and have developed argumentative skills and are never hesitant to use more and more English in their day to day communication. They have drastically changed their body language, mannerisms and display a discernable and desirable etiquette.

SNO Name of the Sudents Institution Feedback

Extra Curricular

The students of TSWRE Institutions have proved themselves that they are second to none in the field of sports and games and other extra-curricular activities. In various competitions at the state, national levels our children have left an indelible mark of their own and won unalloyed applause for their endeavor. The Society has been spending a sizeable amount of money for the development of infrastructural facilities and providing ample facilities for sports and games to bring out the best in them. After the Government of Telangana started implementing the SC Sub-plan, 2013 the Government has allocated a projected budget of a whopping Rs.598.22 crores to be spent during 2013-14 and 2014-15. This has come as a boon to the promising sport stars of TSWRE Institutions. Our boys and girls have never thwarted the ambitions of the Society and with their unflinching efforts and unwavering faith in their ability and they have hoisted the flag of the Society on the summit of victory. The SWAEROES with their dazzling display of potential in sports and games and mountaineering have won the hearts of millions of people, the proudest moment being the conquest of the invincible Mt. Everest by Poorna and Anand, in May, 2014.

There are numerous such stories of success of swaeroes, spreading the fragrance of the TSWREIS.

Students' feedback

Poorna Swaero set a new world record as the youngest girl (13+) even to conquer Mt.Everest. Anand Swaero is the first Dalit boy to scale the Everest. The achievement is more commendable as they were trained for a very short period of time i.e less than six months.


The TSWREI Society students have been performing excellently in various curricular and co-curricular activities for the last 2 years.  You are aware that two of our students, Kum.M.Poorna & S.Anand Kumar, had broken the world record by scaling the Mt. Everest. And as many as 150 students participated in the national   level games and sports.  Further it is informed that the society is successful in conducting State Level Sports Meet "Swaerolympics-2015' at LB Stadium to encourage the enthusiastic sports students from our downtrodden communities.

First time in the history of the Society two of our students Master P. Sunder Raju, 10th Class and H.Edanna of 10th Class TSWRS/Jr.College, Madanapur, Dist. Mahabubnagar got selected to participate in International Yoga Championship at Bangkok, Thailand from 19.06.2015 to 21.06.2015 and Successfully Secured (2) Bronze Medals by P.Sundar Raj, Master H. Edanna stance 4th & 5th place and both of them selected for World Yoga Sports Championships to be healed in the month of August.

Kum N.Jyohi, 9th Class TSWRS, Dindi, Nalgonda Dist., secured Silver Medal in the All India Youth National Athletics championship held at Goa., from 16.04.2015 to 18.04.2015.

Silver Medal in Kho-Kho Nationals to TSWREI Society sportsmen

The TSWREI Society is proud to announce that five of its students participated in 26th Sub Junior National Kho-Kho championship 2014-15 held at Sangli, Maharashtra, from 21.04.2015 to 25.04.2015 and secured Silver Medal in the tournament.

The TSWREI Society, conduced intensive summer coaching camps to the (400) students who participated State and National level Games and Sports to promote them in International players. at GMC Balayogi Stadium, Gachibowli, Telangana State Sports School, Hakimpet, RR Dist. TSWRS, Mahendrahills, Hyderabad Dist and  Hussain Sagar Lake in the following events

  1. Fencing
  2. Weight lifting:
  3. Footbal.
  4. Archery 
  5. Athletics
  6. Shooting
  7. Chess
  8. Kabaddi.
  9. Kabaddi
  10. Water Sports.

The Government of Telangana State has sanctioned Residential Sports School at Medak Dist, by seeing talents of the students in Games and Sports to make them has National and International Champions.

The Society has planned to establish won Inter National Standard Swimming Pool, Indoor Stadium, Open Tennis Complex and Shooting Range at existing place at TSWRS/Jr.College, Shaikpet,  near by the Hyderabad City.