The Society with the active support of the Telangana Government has launched a slew of summer training programmes (named as Summer Samurai) with an aim to provide opportunities for the children to explore and learn basic life skills and nuances of life beyond the textbook. The mammoth Summer Samurai programmes provide a platform for the students to think, learn and pick up life skills in an exciting environment and pave way for their all-round development. The Summer Samurai programmes have been playing an instrumental role in helping students meet the challenges of life. More than 10,000 students participate in the summer camps every year across the state. The Society takes pride in launching a unique Horse riding camp to make horse riding a reality for the marginalized children.

The Society conducts a host of intensive training camps during summer in diverse fields to enable the students to learn skills as per their aptitude. The summer programmes are designed to infuse the spirit of the uncompromising attitude of the Samurais among the students. The Samurais were the great warriors of Feudal Japan who were respected and feared for their gracefulness in peace and brutality in war. Dignified by the strict code of honor that bound them, the Samurais were more than ready to give their own life than suffer a harsh existence of dishonor.

Horse riding - Making horse riding a reality for the marginalized children

Horse riding is a popular sport among the rich people because it requires money and leisure. The Society took a bold step in introducing Horse riding for the students hailing from poor rural backgrounds to make horse riding a reality.

I never dreamt of riding a horse in my life. I have seen heroes and rich people riding horses in movies only. But with the support of the Government and the Secretary, I really experienced the thrill and joy of riding a horse. I am very excited about it and now I am confident about facing the challenges of Life”.

Sai Varsha TSWRS/JC Mahendra Hills, Hyderabad.

Voice 4 Girls - Equipping the Marginalized Girls to take charge of their Future

It was observed that adolescent girls particularly from poor socio-economic and rural background do not possess critical knowledge on issues like reproductive health, hygiene, safety, women rights, puberty, body awareness, spoken English, leadership and negotiation skills. The Society in collaboration with ‘Voice 4 Girls’ organization has been conducting Voice 4 Girls camp to equip the adolescent girls with life skills and knowledge needed to overcome the challenges they face in their lives. The Voice 4 Girls programme has been reaching out to thousands girls of TSWRE Institutions and inspiring the next generation of girls to give shape to their dreams.

Before attending the camp, I didn’t have the courage to speak out. I have learned a lot in this camp and gained so much self-confidence. I want other girls from all other institutions to have the same opportunity as me. I am confident that I can face the challenges with courage .

Voice 4 Girls summer camp is very special to me, because I have learned new life skills and made great friends. I really loved this camp because it transformed my life forever. I have become more confident and independent after attending this camp .

Young Journalists - Voicing the concerns of the voiceless communities

Representation of marginalized groups in India’s media newsrooms is very dismal. Against this background, the Society has been conducting Young Journalism camp for the students with an aim to create a pool of qualified journalism professionals from the deprived communities who would become a voice for the voiceless in the society.

Hum Banenge Karodpathi - Exposing the students to the world of Stock Market

If Given a chance, Swaeroes can learn anything in a jiffy. The trainers were stumped to see the pace with which young boys and girls grasped the nuances of the intricate secrets of the trade world in a unique camp ‘Ham Banenge Karodpathi’.

“I would have wasted my precious time had I stayed back at home during this summer. I do not know anything about the stock market and trading of shares before joing this camp. But now I know when to buy and sell shares. I want to become a millionaire and I do not want to remain poor anymore. The money management skills that I learnt here will be useful throughout my life”


Art and Craft - Nurturing creative artists

Arts and Crafts summer camp is more than just coloring, drawing or stringing together a few beads to make a bracelet. It’s a program that gives students an opportunity to explore their creative interests and imaginations.

“I lived in a world of colors for 15 days. I used to do things in a hurried manner earlier but this camp transformed my life forever. I learnt the value of concentration here. You see, drawing and painting requires lot of concentration and focus. I picked up this skill in this camp. This is a dream come true for me because I got bets possible training on Art and Craft. I got an opportunity to draw pictures on a Canvas which is a rare opportunity for a young girl like me with a poor rural background. I heard that only the experienced artists draw painting on the Canvas”

Rupasvi, Luxettipet

SWAERO-TECH & ROBOTICS - Promoting creativity, innovation in Science & Technology

With technological and innovative skills playing a greater role in the future job prospects of students, SWAERO-TECH ROBOTICS programme imparts computer coding skills for the next generation students of the 21st century.

“I learnt application of robots in industry and I am convinced that future is in the hands of the robots. It’s wonderful opportunity for a student like me from a poor remote village in Adilabad district ”

B. Panchasheela, Adilabad.

Abacus –Calculating Creatively

The Society offers programmes that are aimed at holistic development of future learners. Mathe matics cause some students to break into a cold sweat. Learning Mathematics is an unpleasant experience for many students at Secondary level mainly because it involves mental exercise. For slow learners abstract and logical reasoning is a major hurdle. For those students who have difficulties in maths, Abacus and Vedic math programmes which convert a tedious maths subject to a playful and blissful one which students learn with smiles.

It is an innovative activity meant to enhance the mind power of the students of classes V to VII in Math. The basic principles of Math like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are taught in an easy method making use of fingers and abacus tools.

“I had a phobia for mathematics before I attended this camp. But now learning Abacus was a real pleasure. I have overcome my phobia about maths after attending the camp. The techniques of Abacus are useful solving the complex mathematical problems.”

G. Bhadrinarayana, Chilkur.

Chess – Checkmating Opponents

Students engage their time competing with their counterparts on the black and white Chess Boards at the Summer Camps.

“I like chess but do not know how to make moves and excel in the game. In this camp, I had learnt tips and important moves which need to be made in the beginning of the game. This game demands a high level of concentration and self-control.”

S. Sowmya, Nakrekal.

Young Leaders

The change should start from the school itself and it should always be a bottom-to-top approach. Leaders should work towards solving problems at school level in a collaborative manner and creating more leaders within the school. The Society identifies and grooms promising marginalized students for leadership roles.

A leader is one who knows the way and shows the way, and India requires scores of such leaders. The leaders like Dr BR Ambedkar are the need of the hour to emancipate the marginalized communities.

“We have been conducting leadership training programmes for corporate schools so far. For the first time, hundreds of students from rural setting have benefitted because they are exposed to leadership tainting programmes at a right time.”

Ch Vijay Santhosh (Trainer), KAARMIC.

KABADI – A Game Originated in India.

Traditional games Kavade, kunte-bille, kushti, Kabaddi in India have been a major source of entertainment for many generations. Traditional games of this kind are losing out to cricket, computer games and other electronic gadgets. The Society is leaving no stones unturned to revive different traditional games like Kabaddi. The Society conducts Kabadi tournaments at school, zonal and state levels to popularize it.

“As a rural girl, I have been playing Kabadi since my childhood. Now I have got an opportunity to improve the nuances of the game under the advice of expert trainers. I will definitely improve my game avoiding hiccups and prove myself as a national player.”

P. Hari Priya, Mahabubbad.

IGNITORS: Paying Attention on Future Learners

In conventional education system, children who perform poorly in academics are usually sidelined in classrooms and such children show symptoms of withdrawal from classroom activities. And the children shut themselves into a shell or throw tantrums. The Society has initiated the Ignitor programme to enhance self-esteem among the future learners and encourages them to do better in academics by building children’s abilities and strengths in various fields including Maths, English and Science subjects.

Swaero Stars - Introducing the Students to the World of Movies

Film is a medium that transcends boundaries, cultures and languages. The camp is designed specifically to prepare a new breed of actors, directors, script writers, cameramen, etc from the marginalized communities who had no access to film industry for various historical reasons. Film making camp offers hands-on-training for students to hone their skills in film making. Our proud students wrote stories, directed and produced three Telugu short films on their own: Enduku Ela (Why like this?), Meluko (Wakeup) and Chaithanyam.

Civils Services Foundation Training – Grooming Future Civil Servants

Civil Services Foundation Course enables the aspirants for the Civil Services to get a holistic idea about how to face the Civil Services Exam and interviews. It is a rare opportunity for the Swaeroes to mould themselves as future Indian civil servants.

Yoga - A Vehicle for Concentration

We believe that practising Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual exercise and we focus on training our students in various Yogaasanas as it helps the students relax and improve their concentration. It’s an escape from the hustle and bustle and myriad problems of mundane modern life

Dancing - - Providing an opportunity for aspiring professional Dancers and Choreographers.

There are a good number of talented young boys and girls who are interested in choreography and dance, but do not access to professional training and rendition. The Society conducts dance camps to help upcoming dancers and choreographers in fine-tuning their skills in dance and choreography.


Swara 4 Swaeroes camp was designed with a view to bestow the exquisiteness of classical, light, folk and Western music for marginalized students who had no access to music for various historical reasons.

Shooting - Hitting the Bull's eye

Water Sports - Rowing, Canoeing and Kayaking

Film Making