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Honourable Minister Congratulates NEET Toppers

It is no wonder that for any poor child with an ambition of becoming a doctor, getting into a medical college looks like the pinnacle of achievement. Deprived children have to bypass several obstacles on their road to achieve what they want. It was a dream come true for sons and daughters from impoverished families of daily wage labourers, roadside tea sellers, landless farmers, vegetable vendors, fruit sellers, construction workers, auto drivers and masons hailing from SC/ST communities. They endured hardships and their hardships became their strengths. Today, they stand tall having overcome abject poverty to make it to medical colleges across the country. The success stories of 100 social and 50 tribal welfare students in NEET 2019 stand as a testament to the fact that the gap between rich and poor is opportunity. It is truly remarkable achievement by any standard with the number of social and tribal welfare residential students entering into medical stream increased from mere 12 in 2012 to 150 in 2019. This turnaround occurred with the introduction of Operation Blue Crystal and Operation Emerald free long-term NEET coaching programs for Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) students. These two programs became a ray of hope for meritorious SC/ST students who have no financial means to take much needed coaching and guidance to crack tough NEET exam. All these toppers proved to the world that they are capable of achieving great heights in life if right opportunities are provided.

Harvard Professor Frank Hu
Harvard Professor Frank Hu