The TSWREI Society under aegis of the Ministry of Welfare, Government of Telangana has been working with the noble aim of providing quality education to the Scheduled Caste (SC) children on par with the other advantaged children. The Government of Telangana provides hundred percent grants in-aid and a bountiful of logistic support. The Society believes that education is the right weapon by which the marginalized communities can be enlightened in social, political and economic spheres, and to realize this, the Society has been striving and thriving to provide quality education to the needy and marginalized children with a major focus on 21st century core skills like problem solving, innovation, collaboration, leadership and communication skills and these noble strategies have begun to crystallize into a definite plan and the signs of change are palpably visible.

Specialized Schools

TSWREIS believes in seamless experimentation and syncing with the emerging trends in the education space. Besides giving much needed foundational education, it also started venturing into specialized schools reflecting the aspirations of its clientele

The Society today runs exclusive specialized schools:
i) School of Fine Arts;
ii) Sainik School;
iii) Armed Forces Preparatory Degree College for Women;and
iv) 27 COEs (Centres of Excellence Colleges).
The Society also launched Vocational courses like Medical Lab Technician, Physiotherapy, Accounting & Taxation, Computer Graphics and Automation, Office Assistantship and Pre-School Teacher Training to prepare students to work in an array of settings in the 21st century.

Community as the key Stakeholder

Organic engagement with community is one of the core strengths of this organization. At every conceivable opportunity the institutions interact with both the parents and alumni- the Swaeroes. Unique programmes like Quest, Impact and Halchal have brought about remarkable changes in edifying and educating the parents about importance of their children’s education.evils of girl child marriages, and these three programmes helped a great deal in bridging the gap between the teachers and the parents and making parents as important stakeholders of the TSWREIS..

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